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We all love seeing what our children can do! Through funding from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care (EEC), South County Community Partnership offers a FREE tool for families to get a quick sense of their child's development - and information on how to best support their growing skills and abilities!

Check it out at - BOTH the traditional ASQ-3 AND the ASQ: SE-2 are now available and families are invited to complete both for a full picture of their child's age-appropriate development!

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Funded by:

South County Community Partnership is funded by the Coordinated Family & Community Engagement (CFCE) grant from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), in-kind donations from our local partners, and operated under the direction of our Advisory Council.

Serving the communities of Oxford, Dudley, Charlton, Webster, and Southbridge, we offer local family-focused programming and services to support you as your child's first teacher.

Weekly educational playgroups, child/caregiver workshops, events, and parent workshops are offered year-round.

We are committed to advocating, supporting, and promoting appropriate early childhood experiences and practices for children, their families, and educators within the community.


About the Coordinated Family & Community Engagement (CFCE) Network

CFCE programs are locally-based programs in your community that provide child development services and resources to families with young children.

Funded by the CFCE grant from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care, CFCE programs operate within the community to support families through programs and referrals, to bolster school readiness skills, and to promote optimal child development.

We help families with:

  • Child development information

  • Transition information and support

  • Family assistance

  • Timely support in periods of family crisis

  • High quality, specific, and up-to-date information on early education and care programs and referrals

  • Family literacy and school readiness

  • Family and community events

  • Parent leadership opportunities

  • Information about community resources that support you as your child's first teacher

We help the early education and care community with:

  • Accessing training and other professional development opportunities

  • Opportunities to share best practices and resources

  • Finding technical assistance and local resources to help them meet quality standards

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